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The Dallas User Group. Let's make a DIFFFS together.

Welcome to the DALLAS “Inferno, Flame, Flint, Flare, Smoke” User Group, or just DIFFFS for short. We have many exciting events in store featuring the best in visual effects. Our goal for the user group is to get to know one another, learn more about your favorite Autodesk products and to share and discuss with your peers.



Event Info
Join us for the upcoming Dallas Flame Users Group on Tuesday November 14th at the newly renovated Treehouse Edit and take a look at their 4K HDR workflow. 

Matt Timmons, Digital Architect at Fellowship Creative, will show you a two part presentation. Experience how Autodesk Flame defines the term “creative finishing” like never before. Starting from birth all the way to completion, see how a spot that started with just a sheet of paper comes to a life that’s full of energy. Then, get ready to hear the Rhythm of Christmas as Flame is not only used as a creative toolset, but also as the perfect companion for enhancing a live production.

This group will be centered around the newly released Flame version 2018.3. Snacks and drinks will be provided.

Please RSVP HERE, as registration is required.

See you there!

DATE: Tuesday Nov 14th, 2017



LOCATION: Treehouse Edit, 3400 Carlisle St. Suite 105, Dallas, TX 75204

CONTACT: difffs@cinesysinc.com with any questions.

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